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Giving Thanks

As we celebrate everything that we have to be thankful for, I want to thank each and every one of you for your enduring support over the years. If not for our students, our tribal colleges, our teachers and tribal college presidents, and our supporters, American Indian education would not be where it is today.

National Indian Heritage Month

November is National Indian Heritage Month, and city, state, and private events are being held across the nation to mark the occasion. As we celebrate our heritage, let’s also celebrate our endurance as a people. We have achieved so much, and that is largely due to education that celebrates and reinforces our culture.

Veteran’s Day

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. Our Native peoples have a long history of fighting for our country. Per capita more American Indians enter the armed forces than any other group.

Yes We Can!

With the historic victory of President-elect Barack Obama, we learned an important lesson last night. Regardless of your political affiliation, the important lesson is that we as a people can do anything we put our minds to. America is the land of opportunity.