Month: April 2017 Articles

Why You Need an Internship

Internships are important help to students developing professionalism and an understanding of how to work in a professional environment. After having worked with Native student interns over the years in a professional capacity, I am sharing the following important insights for Native students when considering the importance of adding an internship to their college experience.

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute Takes Top Prize at NASA Swarmathon

Schulte Cooke (Navajo Nation) a liberal arts &geospatial information technology major; Emery Sutherland (Navajo Nation) a computer aided design / drafting and network management major; Christian Martinez (Pueblo of Laguna) a network management major; Ty Shurley (Navajo Nation) a pre-engineering and computer aided design / drafting major and Nader Vadiee, Ph.D., SIPI engineering professor and the team’s faculty advisor for the SIPI-NASA I-CMARS Program pose with the trophy and prize.

College Completion 2017

This supplemental report to Signature Report 12 examines six-year completion rates by race and ethnicity for students who began their postsecondary education in fall 2010.

Dissertation – Technology transfer process at Tribal Colleges and Universities: A qualitative multiple site exploratory case study

The purpose of this qualitative exploratory multiple site case study was to identify the factors that affected technology transfer at the selected Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs). The specific problem was the unknown factor or factors that appeared to be inhibiting technology transfer at TCUs.