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Stand with Native Students in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

Month: May 2017 Articles

Teachers Learn Techniques to Bolster Resiliency, Foster Classroom Connections

Native youth often face disproportionate challenges in their young lives. Early childhood teachers can help these young learners increase their resiliency while they face adverse circumstances by supporting factors that protect and strengthen young children, according to Ray Soriano, a keynote speaker at the 33rd Annual FOCUS on Children Conference at Bellingham Technical College.

Where Do You Find Internships?

Believe it or not, in today’s tech era, finding an internship does not start with your computer. There are many other sources that are more useful for gathering information about an internship that you will find enjoyable than searching online. A few of those places are listed below and, to some extent, may help you find an internship you will enjoy while decreasing the stress involved with leaving home.

Four Tribal Colleges Sign Dual-Enrollment Agreements with Bemidji State University

Graduates from four Minnesota tribal colleges will soon be presented with a smoother path to Bemidji State University. Leaders from Leech Lake, Red Lake, White Earth, and Fond du Lac tribal colleges are set to sign four dual-enrollment agreements with the university Friday.

Protect Higher Ed Funding

President Trump is calling for significant cuts to the Department of Education for the fiscal year 2018 in his “skinny budget.” A skinny budget is a proposal for a budget in all areas, with the details for a comprehensive budget deferred to be worked out later, while showing how the proposed high-level budget numbers will impact the deficit over the coming decade.