Native student intern bloggers sought for summer!

May 10, 2011 | Archives, Blog

Are you a Native student working at an internship this summer? What: You will be paid $10 per blog entry during the summer (5 entries per week at $50).

The entries must be a minimum of three paragraphs and relevant to what you are learning on your internship. Topics for the blogs include but are not limited to:
• Working in a professional setting
• The topic of your internship
• Confidence
• Teamwork with colleagues
• How the internship will prepare you for your future career
• Photographs of you
• Your tribal background and your experiences as a Native student and intern

Where: The blog will be published on our web site at Excerpts will also be used for newsletter stories and social media stories to generate interest for other students in internships, and they will be shared with our donors.

When: Entries accepted beginning May 31-September 1.

The fine print: We reserve the right to edit content for grammar and style or to refuse content. Please send a sample blog entry to the following e-mail address. Two bloggers will be chosen for a duration of six weeks each for the summer.

Contact for more information.

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