Brandon Earns GED through SCTC’s HSE Program

Mar 31, 2022 | Indigenous Adult Education, Our Programs

By Jackie Graveratte, Registrar and Amanda Flaugher, Dean of Students, Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College

Students need encouragement and support to find the motivation to enroll in a program to complete their high school equivalency (HSE) credentials. That same encouragement helps them see their goals are attainable and they can succeed. Brandon’s story is an example of how this encouragement leads to success.

Brandon had the courage to contact Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College’s (SCTC) GED program in July of 2021. He began pre-testing and was pleasantly surprised by his pre-test score results. After Brandon completed his testing requirements, he received his GED in February of 2022. Tutor Lori Vincent supports SCTC’s GED students and worked with Brandon. “Brandon was very determined, and it didn’t take him long to successfully complete his GED testing,” Vincent said. “He was very motivated and eager to move forward in his life.”

Brandon shared his experience along his education path. “Jackie, Amanda, and Lori (SCTC GED staff) were there for me through it all,” he said. “Getting constant reminders and just a simple message to ask how I was doing and if I needed help with anything really made it easier and helped me a lot. Having my GED has opened many more doors for me when it comes to getting a job and pursuing post-secondary education. This accomplishment allows me to hold my head high with confidence as I continue to pursue my dreams.”

Brandon is one of 52 students that have completed their high school equivalency requirements through SCTC’s program. Amanda Flaugher, Dean of Students at SCTC said, “This program is growing stronger and stronger each semester and is currently a recipient of a grant under the 2021-2022 Native Students Stepping Forward: Dollar General High School Equivalency Completion Program. The funding allows us to offer an online program, official GED testing to be completed at SCTC, as well as a number of incentives that allow us to celebrate our students’ success. Additionally, SCTC students completing their GED through SCTC’s program will receive a waiver for student fees (for a maximum of 12 credits) the semester following their completion date.”

Thanks to the continued support of SCTC, Brandon plans to attend college courses beginning in the fall of 2022. Brandon’s confidence has skyrocketed, and he has grown tremendously in a short time. SCTC’s staff is positive that with continued support he will build upon his success as a college student.

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