Student Blogger: “Remin-icing or Reality?”

Feb 17, 2017 | Blog, Student Success

Author’s Note: This throwback tale is a testament of how things have changed and how they have stayed the same. Reminiscing reminds me to find humor every day. College life as a mom of twins doesn’t slow down, in fact it’s much like a tornado. So even when the twins, now in their terrible twos, hit hard, I am the foundation that this home is built on. Memories such as the story that follows provide reassurance.

I’m late to pick up the twins. I have a minute until there is absolutely no waiting to leave. “I can do three dishes in a minute,” I think for reassurance. As I am hurrying over ice, fresh snow is falling, and I realize I have forgotten my boyfriend’s ID. He finally started work. I run back to the house. This is where I made my second mistake—running. As I lock the door, again, I am really late and decide to haul a** to the car. I run and jump, down my walkway only to land on ice at the bottom where of course my foot comes out from under me and I drop, skinning my right knee. My favorite leggings aren’t ripped but I know it’s a good skinning thanks to the familiar burn. That’s when I notice two onlookers one, in the parking lot and the other at the mailboxes. As I quickly hobble to my feet, I can’t help but laugh. For a brief moment I am relieved I don’t know my neighbors.

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