Welcome Our Guest Student Blogger!

Nov 27, 2013 | Blog, Student Success

Meet Ulrick Francisco, a social services major from Sells, Ariz. attending Tohono O’Odham Community College. Ulrick will join us for the next year as a contributing blogger on the Think Indian Blog.

Ulrick was inspired to earn his degree in his hometown through service with Tohono O’Odham Community Action, AmeriCorps, and an internship as a photographer. He currently spends his time working in the campus library and working as a custodian in Sells. He is also serving as the student senate president and makes time to frequent the multiple campuses at TOCC. Ulrick finds inspiration in his enjoyment of punk-rock music and from friends spending time doing community work with the younger and elder generations among his tribe. He says this is what helps him stay in touch with his culture.

Ulrick dreams of sustainable agriculture and living for his tribe (and other tribes) and has a particular interest in food, gardening, and how agriculture promotes healthier eating in his community. He says he has much to learn before he can be the ideal member of society he wishes to be. Motivated by seeing how other tribal colleges represent other tribes’ sustainability, Ulrick realized college teaches him the most about how he can be proactive to create sustainable living for his people.

Ulrick created the video below about leadership earlier this year. Please help us welcome Ulrick and leave a comment!

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