Re-Name Mascots to End Harmful Stereotypes

Jul 6, 2020 | Featured Post, Inside the College Fund, President's Blog

Mascot Statement

#TheTimeIsNow for racist sports team names and mascots to be re- named. The American Indian College Fund appreciates its long-time mission supporters, FedEx, Nike, and WalMart. They have chosen to stand alongside indigenous groups across the United States to amplify our voices and to call upon the Washington NFL team to change its name. We are proud to call you our allies.

Indigenous people are a vibrant part of both our nation’s history and modern-day America. Eliminating mascots that reinforce harmful stereotypes sends a powerful message to our children that we value all histories, cultures, and perspectives, helping to foster confidence, growth, and success from kindergarten to college graduation and to build a better future for all. #ChangeTheName. #NotYourMascot.

Cheryl Crazy Bull
President and CEO, American Indian College Fund



#TheTimeIsNow to demand racist sports team names and mascots be changed. Thank you to long-time College Fund mission partners FedEx, Nike and Walmart for standing with Native scholars and communities and amplifying our voice – we’re proud to call you our friends. #ChangeTheName. #NotYourMascot


#TheTimeIsNow to demand racist sports team names and mascots be changed. Long-time supporters of the College Fund – FedEx, Nike and WalMart – have chosen this time to be brave voices for Native people and communities and to leverage their influence to make real, tangible change. We’re proud to call you our friends and to have you standing with us and amplifying our voice. #ChangeTheName. #NotYourMascot

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