Archive: Jan 2009

Inside the College Fund

Think Indian public service advertisement campaign launches

By Amita Manandhar - January 26, 2009

The Fund is rolling out a new public service announcement campaign titled THINK INDIAN. The campaign tells the story…

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Gracism or Post-Racial Society?

By Amita Manandhar - January 18, 2009

On the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration, many people across the land are openly excited. Others may be openly antagonistic.

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Wondering How to Apply for College Scholarships?

By Amita Manandhar - January 12, 2009

Debra Reed of the American Indian College Fund will be discussing how to prepare for scholarships on Native America Calling…

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The Fund Marks its 20th Anniversary

By Amita Manandhar - January 6, 2009

Here at the Fund we are celebrating 20 years as the nation’s premiere scholarship organization for American Indian students. The…

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