Month: April 2012 Articles

Richard Williams: The Journey

More than 15 years ago I was selected to serve as the Executive Director of the American Indian College Fund. At that time, I had been working at the University of Colorado-Boulder for 17 years and needed a change. I had several job offers within a two-week period, and I consulted several friends. They all suggested that the American Indian College Fund was the place I could make the biggest difference for Indian people. I was about to begin a journey that would change my life forever.

Hershey Company Grants $22,000 to American Indian College Fund for Scholarships

The Hershey Company granted $22,000 to the American Indian College Fund (the Fund) for Native student scholarships. The gift will provide scholarships to Native or Native descendant students attending tribal colleges or mainstream universities who are studying math, technology, science, engineering, and/or business.

New Pell Grant Policy to Hurt Non-traditional Native Students

Many non-traditional students reenter college many years after a first unsuccessful try at higher education. They may have been unsuccessful due to poor study skills; poor preparation for college due to ineffective high schools; lack of discipline; lack of financial or family support; or a combination of several factors.

Breaking through Tribal Colleges

This paper discusses some factors that impact the education of American Indian students, the role of the nation’s TCUs, the cultural uniqueness of American Indian communities, and the Breaking Through strategies within the context of challenges faced by TCUs.