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Student Blogger, Therese: Gratitude

Rant-rant-rant is an expression of my developmentally- disabled- half- sister that she coined when she witnessed me feeling extremely stressed over challenges concerning getting her the care she needed. She calmly stated to me, “Therese, no rant-rant-rant.”

Student Blogger, Therese: Friends-Angels Among Us

During my summer season I have created some heart-fluttering, wake-up-smiling, indefinable memories with my friends, some of which have been accompanied with acquaintances.
Friendship is among life’s sacred gifts.  I have a small circle of friends, with an outer expansive ring around it that includes acquaintances, akin to the ripple effect on a pool of water.

Student Blogger, Amber: Don’t Get Too Close

For the past month or so, I kept hearing rumors about bears walking around on the beach within city limits and by houses in town. I haven’t actually seen them myself, but I believed them because it’s not uncommon for wildlife to sometimes pop into town out of nowhere.

Therese:The Summer Colors and Flavors of Indigenous Culture

A plethora of indigenous peoples and traditionally utilitarian and aesthetically captivating objects provokes inspiration for artists and is full of rainbow colors illuminating in the radiating summer sun. André Gide said, “Art is collaboration between [creator] and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.” Creating art is my main focus on my earth walk at this time. I certainly feel amazed and ponder “Who created this?” when I finish a piece of art that is beyond what I felt capable of on my own.