Carrie: Internships Provide Career Learning Experience

Sep 16, 2021 | Blog, Inside the College Fund, Internships, Student Success

Carrie Dada Student Internship

Carrie, an American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholar, graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts graduate with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in cinematic arts and technology and was enrolled in San Diego State University’s Film and Media program when the pandemic struck.

Carrie’s film projects have won national and international awards at film festivals, and she enjoys creative, collaborative work. She quickly adapted to online learning during her first year of graduate school, and when she heard the College Fund was seeking a student intern to work remotely, she immediately applied. She says her online internship offered opportunity for creativity, collaboration, and inventiveness virtually, while giving her the opportunity to use her design and filmmaking skills to help the College Fund spread its message to wider audiences.

Check out the video Carrie created to learn more about her work, how to apply for internships if you are a student, and how to help students like Carrie if you are a supporter!


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