College Fund Scholar Joins Supporter Diet Coke to Promote Conversation About Labels

Jun 18, 2019 | Blog, Inside the College Fund, Our Programs

Promote Conversation About Labels

coke and justina

Diet Coke is removing its label from a select run of limited-edition cans to symbolize the launch of its new public awareness campaign, [unlabeled].

Labels are tricky. They can mean different things to different people – and there’s no one-size-fits-all perspective. Some fight for and embrace labels as a means of connectivity, self-expression and, even, protection. Others reject the divisive labels that are imposed on them by others.

Check out what American Indian College Fund scholar and student ambassador Justina has to say about labels and how others have labeled her.

View to see what Justina says about labels.

@dietcoke has been a supporter of the American Indian College Fund for many years. We are excited to join the #unlabeled conversation. Justina represents just one of the many unique voices in Indian Country.

What are your thoughts about labels? How are labels used? Are they used to help us or limit us? Do existing labels create exclusion and divisiveness? Can labels also bring us together? What labels do we use to define ourselves?

For more about Diet Coke’s Unlabeled campaign, please visit:
#EducationIsTheAnswer #unlabeled

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