Nancy Allison Perkins Foundation Grants $10,000 to American Indian College Fund

Feb 21, 2011 | Blog

Nancy Allison Perkins Foundation Grants $10,000 to American Indian College Fund

February 21, 2011

The American Indian College Fund received a grant of $10,000 from the Illinois-based Nancy Allison Perkins Foundation for college scholarship support to American Indian students.

“Native Americans are a forgotten people,” Nancy Allison Perkins said. “They face incredible struggles, like anyone, and one of those very important ways out of poverty and struggle is through education. I support the American Indian College Fund because I wanted to see results hands-on,” she says. Perkins visits the Chippewa reservation in northern Wisconsin, where her family has a home, and was introduced to people in the Native community in her visits. “I see how people get an education, go back to their communities, and help in any way they can,” she says, adding that she believes that the cultural preservation the American Indian College Fund works to further is especially important in Native education, as “many younger Native Americans are not aware of their cultural practices anymore.”

“The generosity of the Nancy Allison Perkins Foundation is helping Native students achieve their educational goals while also impacting the future of their families, communities, and Indian Country,” said Richard B. Williams, President and CEO of the American Indian College Fund. “We are grateful to have their support and belief in the importance of education for all people.”

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