Navajo Rug Weaving: Learnings from the Loom

Feb 15, 2018 | Blog, Native Arts, Our Programs

Bridget Skenadore, Project Officer of Native Arts and Culture at the American Indian College Fund, had the opportunity to participate in the Heard Museum’s Navajo rug weaving workshop in November 2017. In her job capacity she has had the opportunity to learn about Traditional Native Art forms from the upper-Midwest and with this opportunity from the Heard Museum she was able to learn about a Traditional Native Art form from her culture.
She shares through photos her journey she had when creating her own Navajo rug.

A table with the supplies and an empty loom for the weaving project

Selecting the colors and choosing the tools to begin.

A table with the supplies and an empty loom for the weaving project

Ready to begin!

photo of the supplies and design to be woven into the loom

Very excited to have weaved my first inch of the rug.

Bridget preparing to start her weaving

Progress after day two of the workshop.

Preparations and beginning work on the weaving on the loom

A lot of mathematics goes into creating  rug! It is important to always keep count to keep your rug design balanced.

Detailed shot of the yarn woven on a loom.

Working with all the colors to create the middle pattern.

Details of the progress of the design on the loom

A lot of progress has been made going into day four of the workshop.

Finalizing details of the weaving on the loom

The hardest part of weaving a rug is the last 1/2 inch because of the small space you are working with.

Bridget shows the finished product

Finished! I am so proud and honored to have participated in such an incredible workshop.

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