We Salute Our Summer Graduates

Jul 3, 2011 | Blog, Inside the College Fund, Student Success

2011 Graduation tassel with eagle feather.

Graduation ceremonies were held all over Indian country the last several weeks. So many of our scholarship recipients have worked countless hours to receive that elusive document among Native people, the one that testifies to the completion of their course of study.  In addition to the stress brought on by their rigorous curriculum, many have endured natural disasters in their communities and family tragedies. Yet, they found a way to emerge from it and stay their academic course.

The American Indian College Fund salutes our graduates.  You have made our investment a worthy one. Your intelligence, resilience, and creativity give us all inspiration. Please take a look at some images from Northwest Indian College’s graduation that a few of our staff had the privilege to attend.



NWIC Grads in cedar mortar boards with feather tassels.

Embrey Scholars, Shallee Graff (Port Gamble S’Klallam tribe) and Jennifer Cordova-James (Tlingit)

Diplomas for the NWIC grads.

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