Woksape Oyate Projects Draws to a Close

Aug 29, 2012 | Blog, Inside the College Fund, Our Programs

Image montage of the Woksape Oyate, Wisdom of the People grant. After five years of building intellectual capital across Indian Country, the American Indian College Fund’s Woksape Oyate $17.5 million dollar project, meaning Wisdom of the People and funded by the Lilly Endowment, is drawing to a close.

From developing staff and faculty development to new program implementation to language preservation projects, the Woksape Oyate program rekindled Native ways of knowing in Indian Country. Tribal colleges across the country are ablaze with the knowledge that they have the power to transform their people through indigenous knowledge paired with action. Although the project has concluded, the changes are just beginning, and the momentum will continue to build.

Descriptions of each tribal college’s Woksape Oyate project are available on our website at https://collegefund.org/content/woksape_oyate.

We are thankful for Jackie Holder and Deborah Esquibel Hunt, Ph.D. for their work in administering the Woksape Oyate project. We wish you both the best.





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