Environmental Stewardship Articles

Thinking Sustainably at Tribal Colleges

For many, it’s a matter of economics. For others, policy. These are necessary components, of course, but thinking in such terms can easily gloss over some of the most important choices we make: the smaller ones we make day to day, often without much forethought

Call for Proposals: SEEDS Program One-Year Integrated Grants

The American Indian College Fund’s Scholarly Emergence for Environmental Design and Stewardship (SEEDS) Program is offering four one-year, $50,000 integrated grants to support building the capacity of environmental, natural science and sustainability programs at tribal colleges and universities located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and the grasslands region of Montana.

College Fund SEEDS Logo Symbolizes Stewardship and Growth

The growth and continuity of our home the Earth, as well as an eco-system, a seed, a student or a community, requires the support, communication and the action of many.

Caldwell: A Lifelong Capstone Course on Sustainability

Since graduating from high school my educational development has focused on forestry and natural resources, and my career in various technical and professional positions has been intertwined with my educational focus. I approach my education and career as complementary activities, because my jobs are opportunities to learn and learning is my job.