Tribal Colleges

Navajo Technical University

Lowerpoint Rd.
Crownpoint, NM 87313

ntcNavajo Technical University (NTU) was established by the Navajo tribe to offer technical, vocational and academic degrees and community education in a student-oriented, hands-on learning environment based on the Diné Philosophy of Education.

NTU’s main campus is located in Crownpoint, New Mexico. NTU also offers classes in Chinle, Arizona in the local high school in agreement with the local school district. NTU offers a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, associate degree, and certificate programs. A master’s degree is offered in Diné culture and language. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in early childhood education, industrial engineering, environmental sciences, and electrical engineering. Associate degrees are offered in subjects that include the accounting, business, computer, culinary arts, engineering, legal, veterinary, and energy fields. Certificate programs include automotive, business, computer, construction, and industrial fields.

Student Life
NTU offers bus transit routes based on community needs. Student housing for single students, parents and families; a dining hall; and child care center are available at the main campus. Student clubs; student services to promote academic achievement and career placement; an athletic program including collegiate rodeo, cross country, and archery teams; an intramural basketball and volleyball program; and sports clubs are available.