The Bennett Family Foundation Grants $20,000 to American Indian College Fund

February 2, 2011

Denver, Colo. — The American Indian College Fund (the Fund) received a $20,000 renewal grant from the Bennett Family Foundation for scholarships for American Indian students.

Mr. C.J. Bennett said, “I feel great empathy for American Indians and their culture; they are slowly being recognized as part of the American way of life. We give to a lot of charitable organizations and the American Indian College Fund has been one of my favorites because I like to help people in real need. The American Indian College Fund is a great of example of those dollars doing real good in communities. With an education, anything is possible. Without one, you go to the back of the line.”

Richard B. Williams, President and CEO of the Fund, said, “The generosity of the Bennett Family Foundation towards American Indian students has continued since 1991 and has ensured that these students can pursue their dreams to earn a higher education and better their lives. American Indians are still the poorest segment of our country’s population, and a college education is a proven path out of poverty for students and their families.”