The Siragusa Foundation Grants $15,000 to American Indian College Fund for Native Scholarships

Jul 18, 2011 | News

The Siragusa Foundation Grants $15,000 to American Indian College Fund for Native Scholarships

July 18, 2011

The Siragusa Foundation of Chicago, Illinois has announced it is renewing a grant of $15,000 to the American Indian College Fund to benefit American Indian student scholarships.

The grant will support qualified American Indian students by providing financial resources to encourage them to complete a college degree. With an education, students can build a better life for themselves, their families, and make valuable contributions to their communities and nation.

Irene Phelps, president of The Siragusa Foundation, said, “The Siragusa Foundation is proud of its partnership with the American Indian College Fund, which provides meaningful and valuable financial support to students with otherwise limited means. An education has the power to exponentially transform not only an individual student, but whole families and entire communities.”

Richard B. Williams, President and CEO of the American Indian College Fund, said, “The Siragusa Foundation’s continued commitment to supporting Native education is a lifeline for our scholarship recipients. Many Native students face insurmountable financial hurdles when seeking a college education. Through this generous gift, The Siragusa Foundation continues to create hope where it is greatly needed.”

About The Siragusa Foundation
Established in 1950 by Ross D. Siragusa, The Siragusa Foundation is governed today by his descendants, whose support of charitable organizations reflects the founder’s special interests, including the arts, education, the environment, and health and human services.

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