Development Grants

Faculty Professional Development Grant

The College Fund will award 13 one-time professional development grants up to $2,000 to assist faculty member’s attendance/presentation in the faculty member’s field of study at one of the following:

  • a regional or national conference
  • a training
  • a workshop
  • a seminar

Through conference attendance, TCU faculty will:

  • Learn about current research, issues, and growing trends within their respective fields of study
  • Gain a unique perspective to broader conversations
  • Develop research interests, skills, and agenda
  • Share research and experiences stemming from the TCU context
  • Cultivate research collaborations, exchanges, and partnerships
  • Network and foster relationships with non-TCU faculty
  • Disseminate research with a broader audience

Expenses covered through the professional development grants include:

  • registration
  • travel
  • hotel
  • per diem

Professional Development grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Faculty Development Applications

Graduate Hours Fellowship Program for TCU Faculty Members

  • Letters of Reference for Graduate Hours Fellowship Program

Master’s Fellowship for TCU Faculty and Staff Members

  • Letters of Reference for Master’s Fellowship

Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement Fellowship

  • Tribal College President Approval

Nyswander-Blanchard Pre-Dissertation Faculty Grant Application

  • Letter of Support

TCU Faculty Research Convening Call for Proposals and Registration Form

  • TCU Faculty Research Initiatives Professional Development Grants


Kresge Survey

Faculty Development Initiatives

Fellowships for Tribal College and University (TCU) Faculty

TCU Faculty Research Convening

Faculty Professional Development Grant

Faculty Fellow Dissertations

Professional Development Opportunities

The American Indian College Fund hosts an annual Tribal College and University Faculty Research Convening and publishes an annual Tribal College and University Research Journal, the only research journal in the country dedicated to tribal colleges and universities. The College Fund also hosts an Intensive Writing Retreat to develop manuscripts by tribal college faculty for publication. In addition, Faculty Professional Development grants are provided to tribal college faculty so that they may attend and present at regional and national conferences in their field of study.