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Creating Visibility and Healthy Learning Environments for Native Americans in Higher Education

By Dina Horwedel - February 1, 2019

Download the Creating Visibility and Healthy Learning Environments for Natives in Higher Education Report…

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President's Blog

Racial Slur by President Trump Not Acceptable

By Amita Manandhar - December 4, 2017

As the President of the American Indian College Fund I share that we have nothing but pride and…

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President's Blog

Are Tribal Colleges A Product of School Choice or Segregation?

By Dina Horwedel - February 28, 2017

Are tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) the result of de facto segregation? Currently in higher education there is considerable…

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Civility, Complicity and Silence: Lessons from Our Ancestors

By Amita Manandhar - December 6, 2016

Right after the presidential election, I sent a message to our students urging them to practice self-care in the face…

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Native American Heritage Month

The Meaning of the Sacred White Buffalo

By Amita Manandhar - May 9, 2012

When a white buffalo calf, a male calf named Lightning Medicine Cloud, and its mother were slaughtered this week…

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How Tribal Colleges Reverse Boarding School Native Education Legacy

By Amita Manandhar - January 27, 2012

Education was a tool used by the U.S. government to try to assimilate American Indians. This Week in Indian Country’s piece, “Schools…

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Racism Against Native Peoples is Not Dead; It’s Not Even Sleeping

By Amita Manandhar - March 9, 2011

In the post-racial society that President Obama’s election was alleged to have ushered in, it’s both sad and offensive to…

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