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Survey Suggests College Fund Scholarships Important to Student Success

The American Indian College Fund commissioned a survey of American Indian College Fund Full Circle scholarship recipients. The goal of the survey was to determine students’ financial need, program retention and completion rates, and respondents’ views regarding the relationship between their college experience and Native cultural perpetuation.

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How to Help

Currently only 15% of American Indians hold college degrees. But with 42% of Native Americans being 24 years old or younger, you have the opportunity to make an incredible impact for this generation and generations to come when you donate today.

Today is #GivingTuesday and every dollar you give NOW will go TWICE as far in reimagining what is possible for Native students!

Your gifts help Native students like Jerald, Samantha, Trey, and Chance become the counselors, lawyers, leaders, and justice heroes we need to fight for Native communities.