Emily White Hat, Vice President of Programs at College Fund, Says Grads Are Seen and Loved at UTTC Fall Commencement Address

Dec 20, 2021 | Blog, Inside the College Fund


Emily White Hat - 2022 FALL COMMENCEMENTEmily White Hat, J.D. (Sicangu Lakota), the Vice President of Programs at the American Indian College Fund, addressed the graduates at United Tribes Technical College’s 2021 Fall Commencement in Bismarck, North Dakota. White Hat shared her personal story about how stepping outside her comfort zone and seizing opportunities helped lead to learning experiences about Native connections to land, finding and making her voice heard, and exploring leadership opportunities with her Tribe. She shared that even difficult times present learning opportunities and knowing she was striving to support the sovereignty of her Tribal Nation saw her through her challenges. White Hat’s message to the graduating class was they are relatives, they are seen, they are loved, and their voices are heard.


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