Northwest Indian College – Day 2

May 22, 2010 | Blog, Inside the College Fund

After an amazing visit in Tulalip, Phillip and I continued north to Lummi where we had the great fortune of taking part in honoring the return of the salmon. During the annual First Salmon Ceremony, the Lummi people celebrate the return of the salmon to the region’s rivers. There were hundreds of tribal members and visitors gathered to take part the honoring. The treat of fresh-caught salmon was a delicious detour on our visit to the Northwest Indian College main campus.

In the few years since my last visit, the vision of the new campus has started to take shape. Three of the new buildings across the road from the original sight are now complete. There is now student housing as well as a new cafeteria and student services building.

We met many amazing American Indian College Fund scholars and were graciously welcomed by students and staff. We even ran into Sunny Guillory, who worked with the College Fund several years ago on a public service piece. Sunny has since graduated from Sitting Bull College as well as University of Mary. She now has a beautiful family of five, and her husband, Justin Guillory, Ph.D., serves as NWIC’s dean of academics and distance learning.

On our way out, we stopped to admire the buildings and structures on the original campus. It’s always natural to stop and admire the beautiful totem pole next to the NWIC library, one of the community’s oldest buildings. Phillip was kind enough to take some time to tell us about this historical work of art.

–Jonas Greene

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