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The Hershey Company Grants $22,000 for Native student scholarships

The Hershey Company granted $22,000 to the American Indian College Fund (the Fund) for Native student scholarships. The gift will provide scholarships to Native or Native descendant students studying towards a degree in math, technology, science, engineering, and/or business, with preference given to students studying at colleges or universities in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Congratulations to Our American Indian Graduates!

Graduation time is upon us. All of us at the American Indian College Fund want to wish all of our graduating students the best in their new and hard-won future! As one donor, Joanne (Cherokee-Choctaw) of Utah, said, “How proud I am of the graduates–and the others struggling on through.

Two Spirit Endowment Honors Memory of Fred C. Martinez

Fred C. Martinez, a young Navajo man, was brutally murdered after deciding he didn’t want to choose between being a boy or a girl. Fred self-identified as a gay male, but also expressed the feminine aspect of his personality in his dress and self-presentation. In Navajo culture, this concept is known as nádleehí.

Native student intern bloggers sought for summer!

Are you a Native student working at an internship this summer? What: You will be paid $10 per blog entry during the summer (5 entries per week at $50). The entries must be a minimum of three paragraphs and relevant to what you are learning on your internship.