Archive: Apr 2012

New Pell Grant Policy to Hurt Non-traditional Native Students

By Amita Manandhar - April 23, 2012

Many non-traditional students reenter college many years after a first unsuccessful try at higher education. They may have been unsuccessful…

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Inside the College Fund

AIHEC Student Conference Honors the Drum

By Amita Manandhar - April 12, 2012

  Coca-Cola students of the year Robin Fox from Fort Berthold Community College give College Fund president…

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Student Success

Technology Helps Youngsters With Native Language

By Amita Manandhar - April 10, 2012

You don’t have to wait until you are attending a tribal college to learn a Native language. There are now…

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Student Success

Native students CAN fight diabetes

By Amita Manandhar - April 4, 2012

Many Native students are entering health care fields to stem the tide of diabetes that is engulfing Indian Country. However,…

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