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Month: April 2015 Articles

A study of Indigenous boys and men

By many indicators and social markers, a large majority of Indigenous boys and men are struggling. But, as some are fond of saying, the devil is in the details. The available data tell a grim story about the past and present, but the “real story” of how American Indian boys and men are faring in the world is not fully told. Without discounting statistics, our fundamental point is that anyone interested in this work needs to have more systematic, structural data to get the full, complex, nuanced picture of what is happening.

Higher ed spotlight American Indians and Alaska Natives in undergraduate education

American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) undergraduates are a diverse group in many ways, including the number of tribes they represent. National data help us understand degree aspirations and enrollment and financial aid trends that get lost in generalizations of the understudied AI/AN population that represents almost one percent of the national college student body.

Cheryl Crazy Bull Appears at D.C.Generation Indigenous Meeting; Michelle Obama Offers Support

President Cheryl Crazy Bull appeared in Washington, D.C. on April 8 at the White House with other Native leaders to offer her thoughts about the challenges facing Native youth today, and ways to overcome those challenges. First Lady Michelle Obama addressed the convening

County Commissioner of Cook County, Illinois Honors College Fund with Resolution

On Wednesday, April 29, the Honorable Stanley Moore, County Commissioner for Cook County, today passed a Resolution with the Cook County Board of Commissioners in Illinois to honor and recognize the American Indian College Fund.