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The College Fund supports Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) in their efforts to strengthen education, Native communities, the environment, health and wellness, language and culture, emergent leadership, and infrastructure.

It provides awards to TCUs within these key areas, focusing on people from cradle to career. It also supports the success of the funded TCU programs through ongoing professional development, technical support, and research and networking opportunities.

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Computer Science

Environmental Stewardship

Indigenous Education


Native Arts

The Iñupiat family engagement event was held at the Aimaaġvik Assisted Living Center to celebrate the season with the elder residents.

Supporting Our Relatives

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Standing In Our Power

Standing In Our Power

The Standing in Our Power Ojibwe cultural project is working to reduce the impact of the long history of cultural genocide. The project aims to provide women with the opportunity to learn cultural roles and teachings to take back power and reclaim their sacredness as women.