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The American Indian College Fund supports a Lakota language and culture revitalization project,Cultivating Lakota Early Childhood Learning Opportunities. Partnering with Sitting Bull College the project seeks to develop a scope and sequence of a pre-K Lakota immersion language curriculum, improve family engagement strategies, create an early learning language immersion assessment system, and strengthen the knowledge and skill of Lakota immersion language teachers.  Focusing on early learning contexts, this project is envisioned to create long-term, sustainable plan for Lakota language and culture revitalization.

Project Description:

Cultivating Lakota Early Childhood Learning Opportunities is guided by three main objectives:

  1. Development of Lakota language immersion curriculum, enriched by family engagement
  2. Development of Lakota language immersion assessment  aligned with curricular lessons
  3. Provide opportunities for teachers to engage in targeted professional development in language learning and development

This funded project will have intentional benefits and sustained impact on the Lakhól’iyapi Wahóhpi families, children and teachers at Sitting Bull College and beyond.

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Reaching Native Teachers! 289 #ECE #NativeTeachers were reached to participate in professional development through the #WisdomoftheChildren Initiative. This was 70% of the total number of teachers trained in the first Year. #NativeECE #FDLTCC #

Reaching out to the Youngest Children! In Year 1, #FortheWisdomoftheChildren #teachers expanded 329 children’s learning and development opportunities by increasing #STEM learning in early learning classrooms.
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Thrilled about #naeyc Annual Conference in Nashville #TN. The @collegefund’s #FortheWisdomoftheChildren initiative is focused on strengthening #NativeTeachers. #TribalCollege grantees attending. Check this great annual event

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A sneak preview on film as a catalyst for discussion using Video-Cued Ethnographic Methodology:
The #FortheWisdomoftheChildren initiative #tribalcollege grantees will be attending a Video-Cued Methodology Training. More to come!#ECE #NativeECE #vialogue

Thank you Dr. Faircloth @sfaircloth12 for this nomination! It is a heart-fulfilling honor to be considered alongside 8 other amazing educators/innovators!
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Shaping the Future of Indigenous Early Learning: A Visioning Workshop for Investors via @MinneapolisFed

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