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Restorative Teachings Early Childhood Education Initiative


Download our free report: Tribal College and University Early Childhood Education Initiatives: Strengthening Systems of Care and Learning with Native Communities from Birth to Career.

A Tribal College and University collaborative to strengthen systems of care and learning with Native families and children. The American Indian College Fund (College Fund), in collaboration with Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), is implementing a $1.5 million dollar early childhood education (ECE) initiative that draws upon the child development knowledge from within Native communities melded with the best practices identified in the field of early childhood education. This community-based ECE initiative uses a multi-phase approach to developing long-term commitment and shared responsibility for the development of high-quality early childhood educational opportunities for Native children and their families, by aiming to design culturally-responsive and adapted ECE systems, build stronger family engagement programs, and support Native family economic security directly through partnerships and access to higher education. Through local and national partnerships, tribal communities can benefit from restored access to systems, knowledge, approaches, networks, and strategies that contribute to sustained engagement resulting in improved early learning opportunities and health benefits for Native families and their children.

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Shaping the Future of Indigenous Early Learning: A Visioning Workshop for Investors via @MinneapolisFed

Participants from
@WK_Kellogg_Fdn @SchottFound
@BetterWayFdn @BrazeltonTouchp @collegefund contributed to our day!

What does a thriving birth to career pipeline look like? Check out the @collegefund's #ForTheWisdomoftheChildren #NativeECE #STEM Initiative. SKC increases learning opportunities for all!
Relationships: Children Discovering STEM with the World Around Them

We had an amazing time meeting with our #IndigVisionaries Women’s Leadership fellows & #TribalCollege faculty mentors from @skcollege, @fdltcc, & #SissetonWahpetonCollege at our headquarters in #Denver yesterday. #educationistheanswer

The #IndigVisionaries fellows were welcomed by @collegefund President & CEO, Cheryl Crazy Bull.

President Crazy Bull shared her conception of #Native / #Indigenous women's leadership.

The #IndigVisionaries fellows working on reflections about women who have inspired them to be their best self and visionary leader in #indiancountry and their respective communities.

@collegefund @fdltcc @skcollege #SissetonWahpetonCollege

The @collegefund Program Initiatives hosts 6 #IndigVisionaries fellows and 3 #TCU faculty mentors at our headquarters in #Denver #Colorado

Fellows are from @skcollege #Montana, @fdltcc #Minnesota, and #SissetonWahpetonCollege #SouthDakota


The 18-19 #IndigVisionaries fellow and their TCU faculty mentors attend a retreat at @collegefund headquarters in Denver CO. The TCU #ECE Initiatives is proud of our two visionary fellows: Kayla and Joni from @skcollege. Many thanks to Kathie M for being an inspiring mentor!

Dear Montessorians! Please help us spread the word-we have an opening in our Elementary I/II dual language classroom. It’s for the position of the English Speaking #Montessori Teacher. Please help spread the word. @AyizeS @montessori4sj @AMIUSA @amshq


Central to LBHC's #NativeECE project is Crow language. The @tribalcollege Journal shares, "The fact that Pease champions Native language revitalization underscores her profound understanding of the interrelationship between culture and language" (2019, 35). #TribalCollegeWomen

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