Ké’ Early Childhood Education Family Engagement Initiative

The Ké’ Early Childhood Initiative

Strengthening systems of shared responsibility among families, schools and communities

  • Ké’ Early Childhood Initiative

Learn how your institution can work with your community to prepare young children for academic and social success at a foundational age by creating and providing a place-based, culturally appropriate education. Download our free landmark report detailing our work that has inspired an international movement: Tribal College and University Childhood Education Initiatives: Strengthening Systems of Care and Learning with Native Communities from Birth to Career.

The Ké’ Early Childhood Initiative (Ké’ ECE Initiative) supports tribal college grantees and their tribal and community partners in deepening their engagement with Native families in the education of their children, starting from birth to age 8. This program is the second early childhood education initiative of the American Indian College Fund awarded funding by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation in five years.

The Ké’ ECE Initiative builds upon the success of the Wakanyeja “Sacred Little Ones” ECE Initiative, prioritizing the strengthening of Native families’ roles in early childhood education and learning opportunities. Promotion of partnerships and strategies, to both address systemic inequities and support ways families can become advocates for positive change, will result in greater opportunities for families to engage in advocacy and policy for Native communities.

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