Indigenous Teacher Education

Strengthening the pathway for Native teachers

The College Fund recognizes the importance of Native students learning from Native teachers in their communities. The Indigenous Teacher Education program supports teachers in training at TCUs. These teachers will become strong role models for their students, leading culturally relevant education in their communities and impacting generations to come.

Indigenous Teacher Education Programs

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Wounspekiya Unspewicakiyapi Native Teacher Education Pilot Program
Active Program Dates: 2022-2024
The Wounspekiya Unspewicakiyapi Native Teacher Education pilot program seeks to address the teacher shortage in our Native communities through support for K-12 Native teacher recruitment, development, and retention by collaborating with tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) to increase students’ successful attainment of teacher certification and employment and to learn best practices and strategies for future programming.

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Standing In Our Power

Standing In Our Power

The Standing in Our Power Ojibwe cultural project is working to reduce the impact of the long history of cultural genocide. The project aims to provide women with the opportunity to learn cultural roles and teachings to take back power and reclaim their sacredness as women.

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