Native Arts

Supporting Native Arts, Languages, And Cultures

American Indian communities face the risk of losing traditional arts, tribal languages, and cultural knowledge.

Strong Native communities are built on tribal languages, cultural knowledge, and traditional arts. With many communities facing the risk of loss of language, culture, and traditional arts, we provide grants and support for communities to restore, sustain, and pass on traditional knowledge.

Native Arts Programs

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Native Arts Enrichment and Expansion
Active Program Dates: 2020-2023
The Native Arts Enrichment and Expansion program purposes to enrich, enhance, and expand traditional and contemporary Native arts knowledge and skills at tribal colleges and universities (TCUs) and the communities that they serve.

Restoration and Preservation of Traditional Native Art Forms and Knowledge
Active Program Dates: 2013-2020
The American Indian College Fund has created a re-granting opportunity for Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) to enhance the capacity of traditional Native art forms and knowledge at participating TCUs in the upper-Midwest.

National Endowment for the Humanities Grant
Active Program Dates: 1997-Ongoing
The College Fund was awarded the Challenge Grant in 1993 by the National Endowment for the Humanities which led to the establishment of the NEH Cultural Preservation Endowment Program. The NEH Cultural Preservation Endowment supports cultural preservation and revitalization efforts for all 35 TCUs.

The Anheuser Busch Foundation Cultural Preservation Grant
Active Program Dates: 2014-2017
The Anheuser Busch Foundation Cultural Foundation Preservation Grant program was introduced in early 2014 and provides one-time annual awards to a selected tribal college or university (TCU) for the purpose of supporting cultural preservation.

Native Arts and Culture Blogs

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A Dialogue with Diné Director Blackhorse Lowe

A Dialogue with Diné Director Blackhorse Lowe

Diné film and TV director Blackhorse Lowe met with the College Fund to speak about what it means to be an Indigenous director. Lowe grew up on the Navajo Nation hearing traditional and family stories and watching movies–lots of movies, which influenced his path on becoming a film and TV director.

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Native Arts

The Iñupiat family engagement event was held at the Aimaaġvik Assisted Living Center to celebrate the season with the elder residents.

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